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Saving Money on a New HVAC System

November 13th, 2017

piggy-bank-money-handIn the market for a new heating and air conditioning system? We know how stressful that can be. Not only do we deal with people scrambling for a new HVAC system all the time (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system), but we also have been there before. Picking out a new home system is never an ideal experience, and the money you spend is even worse. But you can save some money by following our expert tips.

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Factors to Look for in Your New Commercial Boiler

October 30th, 2017

boiler-gaugeWhen it’s time for a new boiler for your commercial building, there are a lot of salespeople out there trying to sell you the very best model money can buy. But we know that it’s up to you to make that final decision. The needs of businesses fluctuate from building to building, but there are some features that always show the mark of a quality boiler.

If you’re looking to keep your property more comfortable for longer with a boiler that holds up and operates efficiently, read on. We’ve got some advice that applies to nearly any property.

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How to Fight Boiler Corrosion

October 16th, 2017

rust-pipe-leakWhen you use a product daily that has metal elements, you can expect corrosion to occur at some point. The most corrosive materials are made from iron or steel, and you likely call the beginning signs of corrosion for these elements “rust.” While rust can be a problem for many items you use often, it’s of particular concern when the parts of a boiler start to rust and corrode.

Rust is only the first stage of a boiler’s eventual corrosion. Once parts start to corrode and wear away, you can face a number of potential problems that put your property in jeopardy—not to mention your savings. Parts can fail completely, or the boiler can leak hot water, and you face property damage and steep repair costs. You may be able to prevent this from happening, however. Read on to know what to look for, available treatments, and whether your boiler can be repaired.

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The Problem with a Dirty Furnace Filter

October 2nd, 2017

regular-filter-furnaceWhen we tell homeowners to replace their filters each and every month, we often sense that it may not happen. It’s tough to feel motivated to do something if you don’t know why you should do it. For example, if you’re not a firefighter, you may not realize that you must get dryer vent cleaning every few years. And if you’re not a dentist, you may not know why it’s so important to have regular teeth cleaning every six months. But hopefully, if you ask these specialists, they’ll be happy to tell you.

Since we are specialists in the HVAC industry (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), we feel it’s important to tell you why it’s so important to change the furnace filter—rather than to simply urge you to do it. You may be surprised to learn it’s not just about your air quality. It’s so important to change your air filter every 1-3 months at most. Here’s why!

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Advice for Maintaining a Home’s Boiler

September 18th, 2017

boiler-gaugeMost Americans take an unfortunate stance when it comes to the larger appliances in their homes: out of sight, out of mind. We know how tempting it is to forget about the larger appliances in your home and leave it up to chance as to when and how they break. After all, everything breaks down eventually, right?

But what if you could keep your home’s boiler in good condition for longer, so there are no emergency breakdowns during the winter? What if you could ensure its safety and the safety of your home and family? And what if you could reduce the cost of operating your heating system? Wouldn’t you want to?

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Here’s Why You Should Maintain Your Heating Equipment ASAP

September 4th, 2017

furnace-service-technicianVisitors to the Chicago area may feel that it’s a bit chilly outside—if they’re coming from Florida or the West Coast. For the rest of us, this is nothing. When temperatures hit the late 60s, we’re in our T-shirts and sandals around here! So if you’re a local, you may not have even thought about the condition of your central heater this year. And we don’t blame you!

Still, we think the time has come to start. Whether you’ve already begun to run your heating system periodically or you don’t plan on doing so for weeks or more, your heating system deserves attention now so that it’s ready to run smoothly in the months ahead.

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Not Getting Enough Airflow through Your Home?

August 21st, 2017

vent-wallsWhen an air conditioner is working properly, you should feel the same amount of airflow, or just about the same amount, from every vent in the home. Some people are willing to ignore it when one or two vents go without, especially if those vents are in rooms that rarely get use or in rooms that are unoccupied through the day, but this is a bigger deal than you may think.

If airflow throughout the home is not consistent or efficient, you must have a technician solve the problem. You may even be able to solve the problem on your own! What’s most important is that you get the air conditioner back into shape, before your system is overworked and breaks down!

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Thermostat Troubles? Check This before You Call

August 7th, 2017

Digital Thermostat with a male hand, set to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Saved with clipping path for thermostat and hand combined.When your air conditioner isn’t working the way it’s meant to, you might begin to panic. After all, nobody wants to be stuck without a properly functioning cooling system right in the middle of summer. However, before you do that, it’s a wise idea to check your thermostat, first. Of course, even then you may be tempted to call a professional for thermostat services.

However, many of the “problems” you encounter with your thermostat may not be an issue that you even need a professional for. We’re always happy to help of course, whether that means coming to perform repairs, or giving you some “do-it-yourself” troubleshooting tips, as we’ve done below.

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How Often Does Refrigerant Need Refilling?

July 24th, 2017

refrigerant-need-refilling-how-oftenFirst off, if you’re wondering this then you are asking the wrong question. Granted, it’s a question we get a lot in the HVAC industry. The truth is, you will hopefully never need to have your refrigerant refilled.

We get it—your understanding of refrigerant is that it’s something that depletes over time, like gasoline does in a vehicle or gas-powered appliance. This isn’t the case with refrigerant, though. This important blend of fluids continuously cycles through your cooling system to effectively transfer heat in order to bring you a more comfortable indoor climate.

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Beware This Common AC Issue: Blowing Warm Air

July 10th, 2017

common-ac-issue-blowing-hot-airWhen the heat of summer is at its peak, you need your air conditioning system to really step up to the challenge and keep your home as comfortable and cool as possible. Unfortunately, you can’t always guarantee that this is going to be the case. Although scheduling routine AC maintenance is vital in preventing the biggest of emergencies, just like any other mechanical system your air conditioner may run into an operational problem or two during its lifespan.

AC problems are more likely to present themselves just when you really need your cooling system the most—so it’s important that you learn to recognize potential signs of trouble before they grow into something bigger. One of these signs is an air conditioner that’s blowing warm air. Short of a complete system breakdown, this AC problem is likely the clearest sign that something is amiss. When you do have a problem, you can count on our team to provide quality air conditioning repairs in Chicago, IL.

In the meantime, we have some tips on what to do in this situation, as well as what could be causing the problem.

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