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4 Heating Efficiency Tips

zone-control-coolingAsk any homeowner what they wish they could change about their heating systems and they’d probably answer the same way: “How much it costs to run!” In our part of the country, heating bills can get high enough to take up nearly half your total bills for the month, depending on usage.

Thankfully, there are ways to bring down those costs, without much discomfort. You might need to change your habits, take on a weekend project, or make an upgrade, but in any case, you should see average costs go down.

Avoid Turning the Thermostat Up Too High

You get home from work or errands on a chilly day and come home to a chilly living room, so you immediately go to the thermostat and turn up the temperature as high as it can go. The problem with this habit is that it will not heat up the home any faster, and will only raise your bills above what you need!

That’s why it’s a much better idea to use the thermostat’s programmable settings and keep the home as warm as you need it shortly before you arrive home. You’ll be greeted by a warm home without all the waste of energy and fuel!

Try a Smart Thermostat

If you struggle with keeping temperatures at a reasonable setting, or if you often forget to turn the thermostat off before you leave home, you might consider a smart thermostat. We highly recommend these thermostats, many of which learn your preferences in only about a week, and can automatically adjust to the most efficient and comfortable temperatures!

The best feature of a smart thermostat, for many people, is the ability to control the temperature even when you are nowhere near home. Simply open an app on your smartphone to make sure temperatures aren’t set too high while you’re away!

Seal Leaks in the Home

You might be thinking your home doesn’t have the kind of leaks we’re talking about. After all, you haven’t had a roof leak any time recently. But even tiny, barely visible leaks around the home can contribute to a loss of energy efficiency. In the average home, these add up to about the size of a basketball!

That includes leaks around the windows and doors. You may need to add weather stripping to the bottom of a door or window. Or, for window frames and the spaces around exterior pipes, some quality caulking from the hardware store does the trick.

Consider Efficiency First with a New Installation

We know it can be tempting to prioritize the price of a heater when making a new installation. However, we think it’s more important to put an emphasis on efficiency. Yes, a high-efficiency heater will be costlier to install, at first. However, in time, the energy savings could offset this extra price. We’ve heard of locals saving hundreds of dollars a year with a high-efficiency heater!

The best way to save on heating in Arlington Heights, IL is to speak to one of our expert technicians. Contact Elm Heating & Cooling, Inc. today!

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