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Do Gas Furnaces Need Electrical Repairs?

electrical-wiring-in-furnaceNatural gas is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get heat into your home. It’s clean burning, too, and available for use in most homes in our area. Electric heating, of course, is even more readily available, accessible to most homes in the area, but there’s a catch: it costs a whole lot of money to generate heat via electricity in an area like ours.

That’s why, if you have a natural gas heater, you are glad to save on your bills in the winter. And so, you may be surprised if you find out that your natural gas furnace requires electrical repairs! However, these are the most common repairs for any gas heating system.

Gas Furnaces Cannot Run without Electricity

Your gas furnace simply cannot run without the help of electricity. Natural gas is simply the fuel that allows for ignition, so that heat can be generated. Older gas furnace simply keep the gas line open so it’s always available for use. But there are still plenty of electrical components that make sure the system operates correctly.

  • Electricity operates the blower motor that moves air over the heat exchanger and into the ducts and vents of the home.
  • You probably use an electronic thermostat to turn it on!
  • Electricity is needed to keep numerous safety components working.
  • Most modern furnaces don’t use a standing gas pilot. An electronic spark or hot surface igniter is instead used to create a flame when the gas valve opens up, so even gas ignition systems can be electronic.

Common Electrical Repairs for Gas Heaters

Because gas furnaces require electricity to run, there are many electrical repairs you may need for your system. In fact, you are likely to encounter one of these problems over the life of your system (although, as we describe later, there may be ways to prevent some or catch them sooner).

  • Replacing blower motors
  • Replacing faulty ignition switches
  • Tightening electrical connections
  • Calibrating a thermostat
  • And more!

Thankfully, a trained technician can repair these problems quickly and, most importantly, safely.

Can You Prevent Electrical Problems or Repairs?

Now that you know what electrical problems may occur in your heater, you can see that any number of problems can affect your heater over time. While gas furnaces are quite durable and gas leaks are (thankfully) rare, you still need to care for your heater and stop electrical problems from keeping you comfortable. Here’s what you can do:

  • Change the air filter: The air filter can block airflow from moving into the system, which forces the blower fan to work harder, causing electrical troubles by overworking the blower motor. All you have to do is change the air filter every three months to prevent these troubles.
  • Maintain the system: Calling professionals to inspect and tune your system means that you can prevent some electrical issues and catch others earlier, to avoid complete system shutdowns associated with electrical problems in a furnace.
  • Invest in a generator: Want to avoid losing your furnace should a power outage keep your heater from working? Invest in a generator! Whole-house generators are offered by our talented installers.

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