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Prevent Troublesome Furnace Repairs

furnace-service-technicianIn the winter in Illinois, we cannot go for long without a working heater. When a heating system breaks down, you might have to schedule sudden furnace repairs, even paying after-hours fees to get a technician to your home in the latest hour of the night. Once a heating system has completely broken down, you may be lucky enough to replace only a small component of the system, or you might have to pay to repair the damage caused by excess strain and wear and tear that could have been prevented.

Most of the heating issues we come across in heaters less than 10 years old are entirely preventable, or at least could be caught much sooner. Follow these tips and prevent yourself from having to call technicians for the most troublesome of furnace repairs.

Change the Filter

Many people believe, incorrectly, that changing the filter is only important if you want to ensure the air stays clean. True, today’s filters help to eliminate many of the allergens and contaminants that recirculate in the air in our homes, but this is not their primary purpose. The filter is mainly in place to prevent damage to the heater, should debris pummel the system or become lodged in the blower.

When the filter is clogged up with dust and debris, though, it doesn’t only block contaminants—it also blocks airflow. Air cannot get into the furnace, which means it struggles to heat your home and can become overworked. Change the filter every 3 months—at most!

Use the Thermostat Responsibly

Are you one of those people that manually turns the furnace on and off in an attempt to save energy and keep it from constantly running? This isn’t the way to go about it. Manually starting and stopping the furnace can take a toll on the system, as it’s constantly having to start up and shut down outside of its regular cycles, which can use up a lot of energy.

Take the time to learn the settings on your programmable thermostat. In advance of when you plan to arrive home, schedule the thermostat to automatically adjust to an efficient temperature, like 68-70°F, and let it run in its usual cycles. If it is not cycling properly or if it runs for too long, something is wrong with the furnace and should be repaired.

Don’t Ignore Noises and Other Signs of Failure

So you’ve noticed there may be something wrong with your heater, in the form of an odd noise or a problem with the system starting up, but you’re not sure it’s a big enough problem to call in a technician. Well, we’re here to tell you that any evident problem is a cause for concern. It won’t get better on its own! The sooner you call in technicians, the less trouble it will be in the long run.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Scheduling routine maintenance for your furnace is perhaps the best and easiest way to prevent your heating system from breaking down when you really need it. All you have to do is call in professional technicians. We can clean, fine-tune, and inspect every component of your heating system to give you peace of mind that everything runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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