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Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair in Chicago, IL and the Surrounding Area

If your boiler is properly taken care of then it has the potential to last for many, many years. However, no boiler is completely immune to problems, no matter how much attention you give it. So if your boiler doesn’t seem to be working properly or if it’s broken down completely, then you need an experienced professional to help you get it functioning both safely and reliably. Elm Heating & Cooling, Inc. offers boiler repair services to Chicago, IL and the surrounding area.

To continue depending on your Chicago, IL home’s boiler to keep your home’s occupants warm and comfortable during our often bitterly-cold winters, give the boiler repair experts at Elm Heating & Cooling, Inc. a call. We’ve been keeping Chicagoland comfortable since 1953 and look forward to continuing to do so for the decades ahead. We are there to provide your boiler repairs any time of day or night. To schedule boiler repair service, give our team a call today!

We repair all types of residential and commercial boiler equipment including top boiler brands including:


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Are You in Need of Boiler Repairs?

Boilers continue to be one of the most popular choices of heating comfort throughout Chicago, IL due to the numerous benefits they offer. They reliably spread warmth evenly throughout your home, they work relatively quietly, and they can help eliminate the poor indoor air quality problems that forced air systems introduce.

Additionally, boilers have fewer moving parts than other heating systems, such as furnaces. This means that they encounter fewer repair needs over their lifespan. It’s not completely invulnerable though. There are a few warning signs you should watch out for that indicate you’re in need of expert boiler repairs.

  • Rumbling Noises: As mentioned above, boilers are pretty quiet. Odd noises can be a sign of an overheating boiler, or a broken expansion tank, both of which can be dangerous if not handled promptly.
  • Leaking: If you see water forming around your boiler’s base, it may be coming from damaged connectors, corrosion, or an unforeseen rise in your water pressure.
  • Corrosion: Corrosion occurs when the system’s anode rod is no longer absorbing rust and needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, at this point you will usually need a system replacement, so it’s important to schedule maintenance to check on this anode rod.
  • Heat Loss: If you begin to notice uneven heating in your home, then you might be experiencing frozen pipes, a common problem in a climate such as ours.

Trust Our Professionals for Your Chicago Boiler Repair Services

If you’ve noticed a breakdown from your boiler, don’t hesitate to give us a call. The technicians at Elm Heating & Cooling, Inc. are fully licensed, bonded and insured as well as being NATE–certified to provide the highest level of service on your boiler. Our heating repair services are second to none in the Chicagoland area. We provide emergency heating repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – so no matter what time of day or night we are here for you. Our technicians are able to provide a thorough diagnosis of the issue, and can provide expedient repair services so you don’t have to wait in the cold. Simply give us a call to learn more about our Chicago boiler repair services.

We have extensive experience servicing steam boilers. A major benefit of utilizing a steam boiler is that there is a large amount of heat released when it condenses into water, creating a very efficient system. But this system, just like any other boiler system, requires a professional touch when it comes to repairs. You can trust our NATE–certified team. We strive to meet the highest standards in the industry, and absolutely guarantee not only your satisfaction, but also upfront pricing. Additionally, our company houses a large inventory of boiler repair pars, so that your job can be completed on the first visit. Call us today to schedule boiler repair service in Chicago, IL and the surrounding area.

No Boiler Service is Complete without Maintenance

We are your go–to technicians for any boiler problems. Of course, the best way to reduce the chances that you will have boiler problems is by scheduling routine boiler maintenance. Boiler maintenance allows our professionals to fully inspect and clean your boiler system. At this time we’ll inform you of any repair needs you may have, such as an anode rod replacement. Proper maintenance can help you potentially avoid emergency repairs when you need your boiler the most. Give us a call today to learn more!

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