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Heating Installation & Replacement

Heating Installation & Replacement in Chicago, IL

Trust expert heating installers to get the right equipment into your home in the safest way. When you reach out to Elm Heating & Cooling, Inc., you have people with years of experience—a team trusted to work with and recommend some of the top brands in the industry. It’s not worth the risk of hiring an amateur to do the work, and our team members are anything but unqualified.

With ongoing training, high-quality and efficient equipment, plus a team of friendly technicians who know customer service, we are your first choice for a quality furnace or boiler installation or replacement in Chicago, IL. Trust the company that’s been keeping Chicagoland comfortable since 1953! Give us a call to schedule heating installation or replacement services in Chicago, IL and the surrounding area.

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Which Heating Installation Is Right for Your Home?

We want to help you know where to start when it comes to picking out a new heating system (although our installers are happy to do the bulk of the work). Let’s take a look at which heating systems are suited to which types of homes.

  • Furnaces: Electric furnaces are suitable installations in many areas where gas heating isn’t an option. However, while they may be inexpensive to install, they cost a lot to run due to the high price of electricity these days. Gas furnaces are perhaps the most cost–effective options, but only for homeowners who have ductwork in place and access to a natural gas line on the property.
  • Boilers: Boilers provide comforting radiant heat throughout a room. High–cost installations are balanced out by long–term comfort and ease–of–use, for some. For many people who’d rather take advantage of the ducts already in the home, a boiler simply is not an option.
  • Heat Pump: This electric ducted heating system uses far less energy than an electric furnace, and it doubles as an air conditioner. However, you may need some backup heat in the coldest months.
  • Ductless System: A ductless heating and air conditioning system is a heat pump that does not require you to have a ductwork system in place, with individual blower units mounted high up on the walls.

When Should You Replace a Heating System?

Heater replacement in Chicago, IL is something you hope to put off for as long as possible. We totally get it! However, if your heating system is nearing the end of its lifespan, it’s better to replace it sooner than later. An emergency heating system replacement can happen at the worst of times—in the middle of winter when you’re in desperate need of heat!

You and your technician will have to come to the final decision. In the meantime, here are some of the signs that your system may nearly be done for.

  • You’ve had to make countless repairs in recent years.
  • A repair will cost about half the price of a new system.
  • You pay high energy bills, even if you keep the system maintained.
  • It’s older than about 10–15 years old and experiencing any of the other symptoms.
  • It’s too large or small for your home, and has malfunctioned right from the start. Unfortunately, improper sizing can lead to heater replacement far sooner than expected.

Choose Our Heating Service in Chicago, IL

We want to help you find the most effective, efficient heating installation for your home. Contact us from the very beginning, and we can make sure your heating installation in Chicago goes smoothly. Elm Heating & Cooling, Inc. is a company committed to excellence. It’s no wonder we’ve been trusted in Chicagoland for well over half a decade!

Contact our team today, and let us know how we can help you with a new heater installation or heating system replacement. Give us a call to request an estimate on new heater installation or replacement services in Chicago, IL and the surrounding area.

Our products are built to last. We guarantee it. For fast service you can trust, call us 24/7 at (708) 695-4493

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