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Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning in Chicago, IL

When the days start to warm up, you have options for cooling your home. Opening windows to ensure fresh air flow is one of the easiest ways to keep cool without using an air conditioning system. The problem with commercial buildings is that most of them are not designed to allow air to flow freely through them. This is typically done to make climate control easier to maintain, which is great as long as you have a good climate control system.

Elm Heating & Cooling, Inc. installs, repairs, maintains, and replaces commercial air conditioning systems throughout Chicago, IL. If you need commercial air conditioning services of any kind, call today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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Why You Need Professional Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Commercial buildings serve a great many people at once, on average. As such, they require large and powerful commercial air conditioning systems to compensate. Most commercial air conditioners are so large that the buildings they serve don’t have room for them.

Instead of being installed inside the building, the average commercial air conditioner is installed on the roof or on the side of it. Installing and servicing such a large system requires specialized training and equipment, which you won’t find outside of companies that provide commercial HVAC services. Don’t trust your commercial air conditioner to anyone but a qualified professional.

Signs You Need to Call for Commercial AC Repairs

Commercial air conditioners need the occasional repair, just like their residential counterparts. Also, like their smaller residential cousins, time is of the essence when repairing a commercial air conditioner. The sooner you can get the system repaired, the more damage to the system you can prevent. So, keep an eye out for some common signs that your system is malfunctioning.

Rising operating costs are to be expected here and there for commercial air conditioners, especially during the summer when they’re likely to be used more often. However, sudden spikes in monthly bills are a pretty good indication that there’s something wrong with the system.

You should also listen for any strange noises that might be coming from the system. Odd noises are often the first sign that there’s a serious issue with the air conditioner. Finally, you should be vigilant for any drops in output from the air conditioner. That’s a sure sign that you need to call for repairs as soon as possible.

We Offer Full Commercial Air Conditioning Services

If you want to keep your commercial air conditioner in the best possible shape, be sure to schedule maintenance for it at least once a year. That will allow our technicians to find and fix any possible problems before they have the chance to develop. Like all systems, though, there’s a pretty good chance that a problem will crop up at some point between maintenance appointments.

If and when that happens, you should be sure to call for repairs as soon as possible. As mentioned above, the faster we can get to your system, the more damage we can prevent. Call today for an appointment.

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