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Water Heaters

Water Heaters in Chicago, IL

Could you imagine getting through the day without a water heater? We certainly couldn’t, and we’re guessing most people in Chicago would have a pretty hard time getting by. When your system runs into trouble, give us a call and we’ll work to get you the services you need as quickly as possible. We offer 24-hour services, so you can call us any time.

The high-efficiency water heaters we install can save you money over time. We pay a lot of attention to sizing and ensuring that the size of your system matches your family’s needs. We’ll make sure that you have enough hot water available most of the time, and that you’re not spending too much on heating up water. Call Elm Heating & Cooling, Inc. for water heater services in Chicago. We’ve been serving Chicagoland since 1953!


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Our Water Heater Installations

For professional water heater installations in Chicago, IL, call the professionals at Elm Heating & Cooling, Inc.. Our technicians work with a number of different water heater brands, ensuring that you receive top–quality service. Like our heating and air conditioning installations, the service encompasses a consultation to find the best system for your needs. We appropriately size the system for your family’s needs and provide information regarding the efficiency and performance so you can install the best system for your home. To learn more about our Chicagoland water heater installation service, give us a call!

Our Water Heater Services in Chicago

We offer water heater installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance. If you call us for a replacement, we’ll get the old system out and ensure the new one runs efficiently. If you need a repair, we can show up quickly with all of the right tools for the job. In fact, we offer 24–hour services, and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you want to ensure that your water heater operates efficiently and reduce the chances of a breakdown, we can offer our maintenance services.


We show up on time with the right equipment ready to perform whatever work you may need. We service electric and gas water heaters, and we work on even those systems we didn’t install ourselves. You can count on us to provide quality work throughout the Chicago area. We’ve been keeping Chicagoland comfortable since 1953!

Our products are built to last. We guarantee it. For fast service you can trust, call us 24/7 at (708) 695-4493

At Elm Heating & Cooling, we know that when you need heating and AC repair, you usually need it quickly.

- Joseph

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